Nature Conservation at Chasewater

Over three quarters of the Chasewater site is classified as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), which means that it is protected for conservation. SSSIs are the country’s very best wildlife and geological sites and are important as they support plants and animals that find it more difficult to survive in the wider countryside.

Conservation Management

The diverse range of habitats at Chasewater, all need to be managed to maintain the abundance of wildlife which depend on them. Our dedicated team of rangers, estate workers, environmental specialists and volunteers work hard throughout the year to preserve these habitats for future generations.

Examples of our hands-on-management work includes:-

  • Willow clearance from lake margins to provide waterside habitats
  • Conservation grazing using cattle
  • Clearing scrub and bracken so that heathland plants can thrive;
  • Heathland creation using local heather seed;
  • Pond management for wildlife
  • Building boardwalks and keeping footpaths in good repair

If you are interested in joining our dedicated group of Countryside Volunteers to help us with this vital conservation work, then please call (01543 370737) and ask the ranger team for details.